What’s next?

While we wait for Articles of Incorporation to be returned, I’m still gathering as much info as I can to estimate future expenditures. Once I have a good list, I’ll post the items and services I hope to provide on our site. I’ve also been working on a logo for Library Access Foundation.

"Library Access Foundation" in block letters next to a blind mouse reading a book while sitting in a wheelchairOriginally, I was working on a mouse logo. The logo turned out cute, but I was bothered that the focus seemed to be more on disabilities than abilities, so I thought and thought and thought, and… nothing…

Until Saturday, when I woke up with a “Eureka!” moment and scrambled for paper and writing utensil to sketch my audio/print/braille/e-book design.

I love the way it turned out, and while not as cute as the blind mouse, I feel it looks more professional. In reality, the final decision came down to my eight-year old son’s rather nonchalant comment when he saw the book logo, “Well, at least it’s better than the mouse.”

Computer monitor showing an open book with LAF written in large print on left and braille on right. The print L has a magnifying glass around it and the braille A has a hand touching. Above the book are curved lines representing audio.The Foundation’s initial focus will be on public libraries helping people with print disabilities. I’m hoping in time we’ll grow large enough to expand our goals and help all types of libraries better accommodate all types of disabilities.

The fact that we’ll be initially focusing on addressing print impairments is another reason I shied away from the blind mouse in a wheelchair logo. The question of building and furniture layouts can be a major access issue, even with ADA-compliant buildings. Someday, I hope we’ll be able to address physical access issues. However, any expansion of goals will depend upon the people who volunteer to help out.

Remember, it’s not just money that will be needed. Time and effort are also required. You’ll find a list of volunteer opportunities on the Get Involved link on the site menu. Please check it out, and share with your friends. The only way we’ll be able to accomplish anything is with your help. However much I want to, I can’t do it all alone. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Librarian for people with visual and physical impairments, and mother of two sharp-witted alien children.

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