Where your money goes…

Projected Expenses:

The Library Access Foundation would like to compile a kit similar to San Francisco Public Library‘s Accessibility Toolkits. The boxes would be distributed to public libraries, starting in Wayne County, Michigan, and expanding geographically from there.

Examples of Boxes

Basic Library Access Box (Approximately $150):

DonateStorage bin: $10.
20-20 Pen: $2.
Large print and braille ruler: $3.
Instruction Binder: $5.
Pencil grip 3-pack. $5.
Full-page magnifier: $10.
Full-page writing guide: $10.
Braille slate and stylus: $15.
Hands-free book stand: $25.
Dome magnifier: $25.
Handheld lighted magnifier: $40.

Tech Library Access Box (Approximately $310):

Computer monitor showing an open book with LAF written in large print on left and braille on right. The print L has a magnifying glass around it and the braille A has a hand touching. Above the book are curved lines representing audio.Storage bin: $15.
Large print keyboard: $25.
Trackball mouse: $40.
Computer headset for dictation: $60.
Replacement microphone covers – bag of 100: $20.
Replacement headphone covers – bag of 100: $20.
Pocket-talker: $130.

Advanced Options for Library Access Box:

iPad mini pre-loaded with blind and low vision apps:  $500.
5″ Handheld video magnifier with reading stand: $700.
Magnifier/reader computer software on USB drive: $700.
JAWS for Windows Professional software: $1100.
15″ Portable video magnifier with battery: $2500.


screenshot of GoFundMe campaignGoFundMe campaign was raising money for our 501(c)3 application fee from the IRS. The hope was to apply using the 1023-EZ form, which is $400. However, I’m still working on projected revenues & expenditures. Depending on projections, we may need to use the long form 1023, which has an $850 fee.

GoFundMe and WePay both take a percentage from our campaign, which is why I’m no longer promoting the GoFundMe campaign. PayPal can also process donations AND they take a smaller percentage, so it makes more economic sense.

Actual Expenses:

Just so you know that you’re not the only one investing in Library Access Foundation, I’ve personally used my money to get us up and running so far. This is what has come out of my pocket:

WordPress.com Website: $18.
State of Michigan filing fee for Articles of Incorporation: $20.


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